I love the truth and hate lies
Help you fight against racists!

I am not a historian. I can’t verify the materials that I’ll be gathering and posting here. You need to verify the authenticity yourself, or believe them at your own rick.

I like the truth and HATE lies, especially hate to be ruled by liars and oppressed by their dirty lies. Therefore, rival materials are always welcome. You can post the materials to challenge what I’ll post here.

All of those who fight against racists should study the history of Japan. The Japanese people is the only one in the modern world history that has successfully beaten racists!

But, please let me tell you a bit more about what I had been told about the Japanese people.

In China, all of those who were not old enough to experience the Japanese rule were told that the Japanese devils (not even human) were barbaric, despicable, inferior, weird, immoral, cruel, monstrous, freaky, violent all the time, blood thirsty, sadistic, etc. We had been told to FEAR and HATE.

But, when in Beijing several Japanese bowed and smiled when they saw me, it shocked me so much. I lay in bed for a week without the strength to get up or even to eat. What? The horrible devils bowed and smiled before me? And my “dear Chinese folks” could never do so but hatefully cruelly roared or acted against me all the time?

I started to see the odds.

And, I remembered in my hometown when I was a little boy some of my neighbors were old enough to live through the Japanese rule. NONE of them told me that they were afraid of the Japanese soldiers. They were all afraid of their own Chinese soldiers most!

And, if the Japanese were devils, how could they beat the Europeans shortly after they were defeated and subjugated by the western countries in the mid 19th century?

There must be big lies, either the reality of Japanese is not real, or what I had been told is not true.